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Sep 25, 2018

Hurricane Florence ripped through the Eastern part of the US as of recently, and while living where hurricanes can hit you almost every year can sure put a damper on your lifestyle, it shouldn't be any surprise when the storms warn you weeks in advance.

So why the fuck is ANYONE chaining and leaving their pets behind to...

Sep 18, 2018

Over the weekend, one of Amanda's friend's boyfriends (soon to be ex after that BS) "done fucked up" and it sparked the ever blazing fire of pure hate in her heart for people who don't answer their fucking phone. 

Seriously, it's glued to your hip at all times and you just texted. So why aren't you answering the...

Sep 11, 2018

As the casual fan here and there you always come across that EXTREME fan that has to know the most and be the loudest to be the best fan that team has ever had. But their methods to be that BEST FAN EVER are fucking intolerable and not to mention violent. 

Sep 4, 2018

Face it, if you aren't short you at least have some short friends. While being pint size may be cute in some aspects of life, when it comes to events (especially the ones you've paid for) you're unable to see a goddamn thing when Stretchy McStretch Ass steps right in front of you. 

Not to mention being looked down...

Aug 21, 2018

Last week, I asked all female gamers if they've ever been interrogated about whether or not they play games, or when they say they do it's a million weird questions and apparently "how impressive it is" that you do what millions of other people do: 

Push Buttons. 

Let's push some damn buttons right now,...